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innovation for life. Understanding unexpressed needs

innovation for life

Understanding unexpressed needs

understanding then needs of the consumers. Godrej is developing a mastery over disruptive innovation

innovation at Godrej

Today, Innovation helps companies stay relevant. Their growth and prosperity, on the other hand, depends on their mastery over Disruptive Innovations (DI).

analyzing the research and putting efforts on raising the standard of living, livelihood and lifestyle of people, inclusively.

disruptive innovation

Disruptive Innovation (DI) allows a new set of consumers to access certain products and services that were earlier accessible only to high-end consumers. In fact, it begins by understanding the needs of consumers that they may not have been able to express before. One of the prime examples is the mobile phone. 20 years ago, nobody felt the need to communicate with friends and family from a moving train. DI came to the full force here with the introduction for these phones and created a need among consumers to communicate, anytime, anywhere.

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